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Top 5 latest windshield technological advancements

Without any seed of doubt, windshields are the most important components of a car. They are the parts that shield you and your fellow passengers when you are in the car. Today, the windshield is a necessity, and even mandatory in certain provinces, and rightly so. As much as the need for a windshield has increased, these safety buddies have advanced more and more. What are these advancements? Our windshield repair Toronto team answers this question in this blog.

What are the latest windshield developments?

Check out some of the latest and major windshield technological developments below.
latest windshield technological advancements - auto glass replacement Toronto
1) Panoramic Windshields: It is an unhidden fact that extreme heat and harsh sunlight damage your windshield. The panoramic windshield is here to help your windshield to stay protected against it.

A panoramic windshield allows the natural sunlight to enter your car and illuminate the same.

Panoramic windshield combines the windshield and the sunroof to give you entire visibility while driving during the harsh sunlight, and even ensure that the windshield doesn’t get cracked.

Thus, if you are looking to shield your car’s windshield against the harsh sunlight and extreme heat, a panoramic windshield is your answer.

2) Use of Gorilla Glass: Gorilla glass in your mobile phones and tablets might not be a new thing to you, but this glass form has been widely used in windshields too.

Windshields are created to protect you from unfortunate accidents, and gorilla glass strengthens this protection.

Gorilla glass shields your windshield against dust particles, debris, tree branches, and much more and ensures that it doesn’t get damaged. Applying gorilla glass is a reliable way to protect your protection.

3) Heated front windshields: Fog and snow hinders your visibility and creates a potential danger for you as a car driver.

Several car companies have introduced heated front windshields that free your car’s windshield from fog and snow, and thus not allowing your vision to get impacted.

A heated front windshield is a much-needed and one of the most important advancements in Windshield technology.

The fog and snow have caused numerous unfortunate accidents, and they are expected to get better after the heated front windshields entirely come into action.

4) Electrochromic windshield: Oftentimes, more than required sunlight hinders our visibility while driving, and invites danger. An electrochromic windshield ensures that you are able to control the amount of sunlight entering your car with just one button.

Also, you can control the temperature inside your car with this technology. The electrochromic windshield is another wonderful advancement in windshield technology that protects your driving visibility against the sunlight.

5) No-wiper windshield: A car with a no-wiper windshield doesn’t demand any wiper to clean the moisture on the windshield. It clears the moisture by using ultrasound sound waves.

However, this technology hasn’t entirely come into existence. It is still in the research phase, but with the speed of technological advancements, and the efforts that car companies are making to strengthen the safety aspect, our auto glass repair Toronto team firmly believes that no-wiper windshield technology will come into action soon.

These are some of the latest and most important technological advancements in windshield technology. These advancements will directly or indirectly protect the windshield from getting shattered and ensure your and the fellow passengers’ safety.

If you are still having any queries regarding these advancements, or if you are confused with which technology should you go with, or even if you are looking to replace or repair your existing windshield, you can rely on our windshield repair Toronto professionals.

Our team would be quick and prompt to help you out and ensure that your issues get resolved in no time. To give your windshield a reliable and experienced pair of hands, call us at 905-790-1115.


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