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There are various reasons why a windshield cracks. However, one of the most commonly reported causes is flying objects such as gravel or road debris hitting your car while driving. Sometimes, even wide variations in temperature cause the windshield to crack. In most cases, a windshield develops a minor crack because of this and your windshield could be repaired easily. However, if left unattended the small chip could develop into a big 4-5 inch crack requiring a complete windshield replacement.
If your Dodge windshield has been damaged, you can contact us at National Auto Glass. Our team specializes in Dodge windshield repair in Toronto. We offer a quick and hassle-free service. So, once you come to us, there is nothing you need to worry about.

Should Windshield Damage be Taken Seriously?

Windshield damage needs to be handled on a priority basis. The windshield of your Dodge car is an important safety device that keeps you safe during a crash. The windshield prevents ejection of the driver during a crash. Besides, it also serves as the backboard for your car’s airbags by controlling upto twenty percent of the “crash pulse”, which signals the airbag when to open during an accident. The robust windshield of your Dodge vehicle also provides support to the roof, which is very useful especially during rollover accidents.

How to Prevent Cracks in Your Windshield?dodge-windshield-repair-toronto

To reduce the probability of your Dodge car to prevent cracks, park your car in a garage or in a temperature controlled environment. Keeping the car in the sun or in cold for long makes the edges of the windshield glass brittle and prone to damage.

Taking Care of the Windshield Crack

A windshield crack is most likely to spread as soon as stress is placed on the edges of the crack. Especially the little cracks that radiate out from a center are more likely to spread.So, it is better to go for a Dodge windshield repair in Toronto before the crack lengthens. In case, you are finding it hard to take out time to go to a repair shop, you can request for a home visit. At National Auto Glass, we offer mobile windshield repair for Dodge cars in Toronto. As soon as you request for our service, our expert technicians will visit you at your home or workplace to get the windshield repaired. Our mobile service is also equipped to carry out Dodge windshield replacement in Toronto.

Dodge Windshield Chip Repair in Toronto

At National Auto Glass, we offer Dodge windshield chip repair in Toronto for all types of Dodge cars:

  • Dodge Charger
  • Dodge Challenger
  • Dodge Durango
  • Dodge Dart
  • Dodge Ram

Call Us to get a quick quote!

If your Dodge vehicle in Toronto has suffered a chip in the windshield due to weather or flying debris, give us a call right away. Our technicians are adept in handling Dodge windshield repair and replacement. We take care of handling your insurance claims and even offer mobile windshield repair in Toronto. You can, therefore, expect both efficiency and convenience when you place your trust in us. So, book your appointment today!

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