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How do you get your windshield replacement deductibles waived in Toronto?

While a windshield repair is possible when it gets minor damage, the windshield replacement is the only way if the damage is major. Windshield replacement is usually expensive, but insurance might help you a bit. However, you still need to pay deductibles if your car windshield is insured.

But, you might be delighted to know that there is a way to save your deductibles and thus ensure that your windshield replacement is entirely free.

What are deductibles?

The deductible is the amount that you need to pay out of your pocket after you get your car windshield replaced. Of course, the insurance will do its part, but still, there will be some amount that you will have to pay. This amount is termed deductibles.

Let’s understand it with an example. Let’s say that you get your windshield damaged, and you need to replace it. You get a quotation for your windshield replacement, which is let’s say $800,. Let’s say your deductible is $300. Then the insurance will pay you $500. And you pay $300 out of pocket. Some insurance companies do provide disappearing deductible so you may be lucky if your deductible is $0. In this case, you don’t need to pay anything out of pocket.

How do you get your windshield replacement waived in Toronto?

Check out the ways by which you can get your windshield replacement deductibles waived below.

windshield replacement deductibles waived Toronto1) Comprehensive Insurance Coverage: Car owners having comprehensive insurance coverage are eligible to get a zero-cost windshield replacement. Many insurance companies provide disappearing deductible or zero deductible option you can purchase and avoid the deductible.

The comprehensive insurance coverage covers the windshield damage by the following perils:

  • Natural disasters
  • If the windshield gets damaged by the heavy objects
  • Vandalism
  • Animal attacks

Thus, comprehensive insurance covers the windshield damage due to both, natural and man-made accidents. Also, this insurance coverage covers both, windshield repair and replacement.

However, it’s always wise to verify the terms and conditions of the insurance policy before moving forward with getting your windshield replaced with comprehensive insurance coverage.

2) Car Collision Insurance: Certain times, the collision includes no fault of the driver, yet it makes him/her pay a hefty amount for windshield replacement.

Car Collision Insurance solves this issue. If your car collides, and if you are at zero fault, this insurance coverage will cover the entire cost for your car’s windshield replacement.

The cost paid under the car collision insurance won’t depend on the extent of the damage at all. This is one major benefit of car collision insurance.

3) Windshield Insurance: Windshield Insurance is just an extension to comprehensive coverage. Windshield Insurance incorporates the cost to repair or replace your windshield if gets damaged, chipped, or cracked.

Most car owners delay getting their windshield repaired. These insurance policies encourage them to use the policies efficiently and get their windshield replaced without causing any delay. Thus, our Windshield Replacement team in Toronto highly advises you to use any one of the listed insurance coverages efficiently.

Certain people think that getting the deductibles waived can be done only by following the illegal approach. However, the above-explained ways are some of the most reliable and legit ways to get your windshield replacement deductibles waived with ease.

We highly advise you to ensure that you always check out the terms and conditions of your insurance policy before you use your insurance policy to get your windshield replaced.

Also, you can confirm with the windshield service provider you choose to maintain transparency in the entire process.

If your car has gone through an unfortunate collision, and if you are looking for a reliable windshield repair service provider, the National Auto Glass Replacement Toronto team is your answer. Do reach out to our team by calling us at 416-666-7345.


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