protect your car's windshield in fall season

We are about to witness that time of the year when trees shed their leaves and make the streets look mesmerizing with a green and yellow tint. But as much as witnessing that beauty is a pleasant experience, it’s also important to ensure that you protect your car’s windshield during this season.

However, protecting the car’s windshield is a factor that often goes unnoticed. This might cause your car’s windshield to get shattered and thus bring expenses and even danger to lives alongside it.

If you aren’t aware of how to protect your car’s windshield in this beautiful season of fall, this article is for you. Just read it out and get clarity on some very important things.

Tips to Protect Car’s Windshield in Fall Season

So, how do you protect your car’s windshield in the fall season? We answer this question below. Read it out.

protect your car's windshield in fall season1) Don’t Allow Leaves to Settle on Windshield: In this season, the leaves are bound to fall on your car’s windshield.

But you can ensure that the car’s windshield isn’t damaged at all by ensuring that you take them off without any delay.

If you allow those wet and sticky leaves to settle on your car’s windshield, it will start releasing harmful chemicals and thus impart a severe impact on your car’s windshield.

Now if dry leaves are allowed to settle on your car’s windshield, they will leave a mark on it when they get displaced by the wind. These marks might not allow your car’s wiper blade to function properly and eventually cause your windshield to function inefficiently.

2) Avoid Parking Car Under the Trees: Parking Car under the trees, specifically during the fall season is the worst thing you can do to your car.

Thus, avoid parking your car under the trees, not only during the fall but in every season. Parking your car under the trees will cause the leaves to directly fall on your car and thus cause damage to your car’s windshield.

Thus, not parking your car will mean that you are keeping your car away from the potential danger of leaves.

3) Drive Slowly: Driving slowly is a no-brainer in autumn. If you drive fast, the wind will force leaves to fall on your car’s windshield and thus increasing the chances of a windshield getting damaged.

Also, ensure that you keep some distance between your car and the vehicle ahead of you. If the distance is less, the leaves might be forced onto your car’s windshield by the wind.

4) Wash Your Car’s Windshield Regularly: Washing your car’s windshield at regular intervals will remove dirt particles and debris from it. Dust particles and debris make it easy for the leaves to settle on your car’s windshield.

Thus, washing your car’s windshield at regular intervals will directly benefit your car in the fall season.

5) Be Gentle with Brakes: Another important tip to protect your car’s windshield in fall season. If you smash your brakes like anything, it will impart a windy force on the leaves and they will fall on your car’s windshield itself.

Thus, be gentle with your car’s brakes when you are driving on the leafy road. Avoid sudden brakes so that leaves don’t get blown away.

6) Use Car Cover: Car Cover is the most reliable way to protect your car’s windshield from the leaves.

Using a car cover not only shields your car from leaves, but also protects it from unexpected rains and harsh sunlight. No matter what the season is, our Windshield Repair Toronto team highly advises using the car cover.

7) Don’t Delay Windshield Check-Ups: If you ever feel that any leaf residue has imparted any sort of effect on your car’s windshield, don’t delay visiting professionals at all.

The more you delay your visit, the damage extent will keep on increasing which will increase your expenses and also risk several lives.

We hope that you are now clear on how to protect your car’s windshield in the fall season. Your car’s windshield demands your attention during the fall season, and if you keep the above tips in your mind, you won’t be facing issues at all.

However, if you feel that your car’s windshield requires attention, and if you are seeking professional assistance for the same, do reach out to the National Auto Glass repair team in Toronto. We will thoroughly study the damage and provide you with the best services. To connect with our team, call us at 416-666-7345.