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As much as a heavy investment your car is, seeing the scratches on your car’s windshield is absolutely heart-wrenching. However, there’s always a way to keep these scratches away. What are they? This blog by our windshield repair Toronto team answers the question subtly.

How do you prevent scratches on your car’s windshield?

If you are a new car owner or if you have just replaced your car’s windshield, just check out some of the most reliable ways to keep the scratches away from it below.

1) Never ignore minor scratches: Minor scratches just take a few drives to expand and get transformed into the major ones.

It makes it absolutely crucial for you that you take immediate action if you notice even a minor scratch on your car’s windshield.

Ignoring minor scratches won’t only increase your later expenses but also it would compromise your safety, which is absolutely undesirable.

Windshield Repair Toronto - Auto Glass Repair Toronto2) Always keep the car’s windshield clean: When it comes to windshield scratches, most of the time, external debris and dust particles are the primary culprits. Hence, you must not allow them to settle down.

The only reliable way to keep debris and dust away from your car’s windshield is to keep it clean. As much as keeping the windshield clean is necessary, the way you employ to clean it also matters considerably.

Things like the cloth you use, the water temperature you maintain matter a lot when it comes to windshield cleaning.

Don’t be rough with cleaning your car’s windshield as it would only make things difficult for you. Try to use a microfibre cloth along with warm water to clean your car’s windshield. Be regular and be gentle!

3) Never use wipers on a dry windshield: Dry surface is more prone to getting scratched as the lubrication that wiper fluid provides is absent.

Hence, if your windshield is dry, avoid using wipers on it. Of course, you will be required to run wipers on your car’s windshield to clean off the dust. But, ensure that you apply a wiper fluid before you use a wiper on your car’s windshield.

What a wiper fluid does is provide lubrication to your windshield and hence shield it against scratches.

4) Keep the blades clean: Numerous car owners neglect taking care of blades. Remember, blades get exposed to debris and dust particles on a daily basis.

If you don’t keep your blades clean, they will be losing their effectiveness and hence the safeguard of your car’s windshield will be compromised.

Use the damp soft cloth to clean off the blades at least once or twice a week, depending on your car usage. Ultimately, it’s all about maintaining and cleaning an integral part of your car.

5) Be right with your car parking: Of course, who wants to be wrong here? But with right parking, we mean to park your car such that things like leaves, debris, etc. aren’t a cause of concern.

Avoid parking your car under a tree specially on a stormy day where a branch can fall on your car and hence cause scratches on the windshield. Also, avoid parking your car in the sunlight as excessive temperature exerts pressure on your car’s windshield and exposes it to the probability of acquiring scratches.

Try to park your car in parking garages, or basements where excessive pressure or debris won’t be able to trouble your car’s windshield. Being right with car parking subsides the probability of getting your car scratched to half. Hence, ensure that you absolutely nail your car parking.

Yes, seeing the scratches on your car’s windshield is distressing, but some care and precautions can help you to avoid it.

Keeping the above precautions in your mind would not only keep your car’s windshield away from scratches but also increase its lifespan.

In case, you are at a point where your car’s windshield requires professional attention, you can count on the National Auto Glass Repair Toronto team and rest assured that it is attended by the best in the business.

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