5 Tips to maintain your car’s windshield in winters

Winters in Canada are always tough. For you, and your car’s windshield too. You need to take some extra care of your car’s windshield in winter to ensure that it stays in the best possible for in tough weather conditions too.

Our windshield replacement Brampton team lists certain tips to maintain your car’s windshield in chilly winters.

How do you maintain your car’s windshield in winters?

Checkout some of the best tips to maintain your car’s windshield in winters below.

Tips Maintain Your Car Windshield In Winters - Windshield Replacement Brampton1) Avoid using an ice scraper: It’s better to avoid using an ice scraper at all to scrap the ice from your car’s windshield. Instead, you can melt the ice by using the vehicle heating system or cool water and hence getting the ice cleared without any risks.

However, if using an ice scrapper is your only option, ensure that you use it correctly & safely. Ensure that you stay gentle and don’t apply excessive pressure on your car’s windshield as applying extra pressure would increase the chances of the windshield getting cracked.

2) Use windshield cover: Using a windshield cover, specifically, when the weather forecast shows something bad is always recommended. Using a windshield cover or tarp won’t allow the formation of the ice layer, which would make it easy and safe for you to remove the ice from your car’s windshield.

Using the windshield cover can actually keep your car’s windshield away from the snow to a considerable extent, hence making it easy for you to scrap the snow.

3) Defrost auto glass slowly: Ensure that you defrost the auto glass gradually. Extreme temperature changes are always harmful to your car’s windshield, which demands you to stay careful while defrosting the snow on the car’s windshield.

Yes, it will take some time for you to defrost your auto glass when you do it gradually, but to keep your car’s windshield safe from getting damaged, it’s a must.

4) Don’t use warm water: Using warm water would bring extreme change in temperature. This extreme change in temperature would exert unwanted pressure on your car’s windshield, hence, increasing the chances of it getting damaged.

Several car owners to get the ice melted quickly use warm water, which eventually damages their car’s windshield. It’s better to use the cool water to melt the ice as the sudden temperature change would stay away from your car’s windshield with the cold water.

5) Be right with car parking: It’s better to park your car in the shade, specifically, when the weather forecast shows the signs of snow or storm. You can park your car in the garage or basement to ensure that the snow or storm stays away from your car’s windshield.

Parking your car right when the forecast isn’t quite promising would ensure that there are no troubles at all. Hence, our windshield replacement Brampton team highly advises you to park your car in the covered area when the forecast isn’t quite promising.

These are some of the most reliable ways to keep your car’s windshield away from damage in winters. Yes, chilly winters come with severe danger for your car’s windshield but keeping the above tips in your mind and nailing them would make things easy for you.

If your car’s windshield requires professional attention, and if you are looking for a reliable windshield repair or replacement service provider, you can count on National Auto Glass to do the job right for you. Our windshield repair Brampton team ensures that you get the most efficient services, and in absolutely no time. No matter if it’s chilly winters or scorching heat, our team is always on its feet to deliver you with the best. To reach out to our team, connect with us at 905-790-1115.


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