If perfectly tinted windows are what you want for your car, come to National Auto Glass for car window tinting services in Toronto. We have the power to make any car go from drab to glam. A nicely done tint not only provides the numerous practical benefits of having tinted windows but also makes your car look richer and more refined.

If you are still unsure about whether to get your windows tinted or not, take a look at the following five advantages of tinted auto windows and you’ll know the answer.Auto Tinting Toronto

Auto Tinting Toronto
  1. Privacy
    Enjoy greater privacy inside your car with windows treated with our auto tinting services.
  2. Keeping your car cooler
    Stay comfortable in your car even on extremely hot days with shielded windows.
  3. Protecting the interiors of your car
    Tinting keeps your valuable interiors shielded from harmful sun rays thereby fetching a higher resale value for your vehicle.
  4. Auto tint North York makes your glass more shatter resistant
    Tinted glass is much more resistant to shatters by sharp objects with a high momentum. Tinted windows can therefore enhance the safety of your car.
  5. Protecting you from the sun
    Tinted glass blocks all or most UV rays from entering your car, thereby providing excellent skin care if you do a lot of daytime driving in a sunny city.

At National Auto Glass, We are familiar with local laws on tinting

Not all province and cities allow the same level of tinting for vehicles. Tinting is measured by VLT (Visible Light Transference), which indicates how much light can pass through. VLT is inversely proportional to darkness. So, lower value of VLT indicates a darker tint. Permissible VLT for auto tint North York may not be the same as that for auto tint Toronto.

Some province allow as much as a 20% (very dark) tint while others stick to only 70%. At National Auto Glass, we keep this in mind while tinting your car windows so you don’t have to face penalty for exceeding the amount of tint allowed in your province.

Let National Auto Glass Give You an Immaculate Car Window Tinting Service

An inexperienced auto service professional might not be able to tint your windows to perfection. And if the job is not done right, it can make your vehicle look sloppy instead of sleek and stylish. That’s why we recommend that you go only to a reputed center like National Auto Glass. At National Auto Glass, we have long years of experience in auto tinting services. Our jobs are nothing short of perfection.
Some of the unique features of our auto tinting service:

  • Over 20 years of experience in auto glass repair industry
  • Offer same day service for car window tinting in Greater Toronto Area
  • Computer aided tint cutting
  • Best quality car window tint films at reasonable costs
  • Choice of over seven colors
  • No bubbles, no mess
  • Lifetime warranty on all our services

So leave those dicey DIY tints out and choose to indulge your vehicle with a professional makeover! Give National Auto Glass a call at 416-666-7345 and our polite and professional staff will guide you in detail about our auto tint Greater Toronto service. On your request, a trained technician will visit you as per your convenience and take care of your car window tinting requirement.